Clothing manufacturing companies, Clothing manufacturing companies in India

Clothing in India varies with deviation of society, topography, weather and cultural traditions of the people of each region of India. India also has a huge multiplicity in terms of weaves, fabric, colours and raw material of clothing. Also the clothing manufacturing companies in India are the oldest one and have a startling presence in the national economy. Clothing manufacturing in India contributes around 14% of manufacturing and assigns profitable employment to millions of people.

Clothing manufacturing companies mainly engage in yarn and fibers that are both mutually dependent upon each other. Conversion of fiber into yarn or yarn into fabric is the base for clothing manufacturing companies. Different types of fibers are used to produce yarn.

Clothing manufacturing passes through different stages which include cultivation, harvesting, spinning, weaving and at last finishing and marketing. Clothing manufacturing has a wide range of fibers consisting of jute, cotton, silk wool, man-made and synthetic fibres as well as blends of one or more fibers. Cotton remains the major textile base in India. Globally India is on the second place for producing fiber mainly cotton. Cotton makes about 3/5 part of total clothing manufacturing in India.

The considerable development in clothing manufacturing companies so far has led to an increase in the availability of textile products for both domestic market and international market for export. The rate of absorption of modern equipments and techniques is foremost aspect behind tremendous growth. An upward shift in technology and incorporation of modern mechanisms helped us to commensurate with consumer preferences at home and abroad.

Amalgamation of various I.T. solutions including ERP solutions, CAD/CAM and other I.T.-based tools helps in improving the speed and quality of production. They facilitate in reducing time lag in deliveries and marketing and also act as a key factor for the competitive strength of the clothing manufacturing companies in India. Still clothing manufacturing is a joint network of challenges and opportunities for elaborating a new, more global and integrated look.

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